About Us

We have two sides to our story....On one is a devilishly handsome dad to 3 funny, crazy kids: Potato, Pickle, and now THE BANANA!  (also a husband to a very patient and deadly woman :)  

On the other is the magnificent mommy who is constantly running around chasing all of us lunatics around and managing 2 businesses...and now an online retailer!  

Our experiences in shopping left us with a keen eye on what we liked to see our children wearing and having fun in. That's it, that's all there is to it...no extravagant "I have 35 years in personal shopping for Mr. Big Shot..blah, blah, blah..." its just us picking clothes from suppliers and sending them to you. We always saw the same dull clothes from the big box stores and wanted something with more flair...MORE FLAIR! Do you have your 37 pieces of flair???



Where's our stuff from??  It's where all of the stuff made on the planet is from... Asia.  It's good quality and it's cheap. No big mark ups here, you will go through clothes quickly with little kids and there's no reason not to have fun with it...especially taking pictures now so you can torture them later :)  Oh look at you in the SWAG onesie, going potty...we have to show this to all of your friends.. Love It!


How long is it gonna take to get my stuff??  Well, in order to keep costs low and obviously we can't compete with same day shipping "::cough::amazon::cough::" so it takes about 15-30 days. You will have a tracking number and we will process your order immediately, also feel free to contact us and we will get back to you between diaper changes.

So enjoy our site and if there's a product you'd like to see more of, let us know :) 


The Pickle and Potato Team